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Some 2023 things... meow?

Memories of 2023 that I want to take note...

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January 2024 empty

Lorem ipsum wip...

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February 2024 empty

Lorem ipsum (not yet)...

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jan. 1, 2024 - felt a bit overwhelmed on the first few minutes and kind of annoyed bc of one person always messaging me TToTT like ok. i'll elaborate more on the diary part of the blog ig !! anyways it was an okay day, did chores, helped step-dad with making a wordpress thingy for his relative which i hope they'll like ... and we're going back home tomorrow, back to reality, and time to go get a job or smth. or go back to gaming, sitting in front of my desk 24/7 loll i swear i really hope that won't be the case >< phew . been thinking about whether i should cut off some people bc i don't think the friendship will go anywhere anymore (also i always feel overwhelemed bc of their clinginess idk...) ;u; haha.. + pulled on genshin and hsr (thanks to monthly reset) but got nothing which was unexpected for genshin bc i think i have 20 pity weapon already (or more?) and genshin always blesses me with early weapons but ig today's not the day haha. i got 2 favonius codex on a single 10 pull and idk what to feel about it, why is it always a freaking catalyst? i need favonius sword jfc ... hsr-wise, from e2(?) luka i got e5 i think haha which is nice bc i tried his character on a previous event and it was pretty good but that could've been the buffs of that event so idk if i should build ! but i don't have the resources anyways so i'll just have to put it off until i am able to build him eventually..
dec. 31, 2023 - did a lot of chores and cooked ... washed dishes.. repeat.. ate ;; played hsr for like 1-2hrs.. nothing memorable.. only thing i liked is that we cooked sinigang and adobo (filipino dishes) and those are my favorites so.. yipee !!
dec. 30, 2023 - just bullshited through my day and went back to my stepdad's bc he said "it's not fun to spend new yr being incomplete" despite our deal being me just bringing my sister to his place and going back home then i was supposed to pick her up on jan 2 lol ig i didn't want to miss out on the food or the bonding time.....; me and my bf played payday 2 for like an hour then i left home at 5pm i think.. i just called an uber bc i'm too lazy to commute ahaha :'p
dec. 29, 2023 - continued making/decorating this site, i think i finally decided to settle on this layout lol ehehe. going 9 hours on vscode now based on discord rich presence.. >_< eek i decided to take a break and went on genshin. why is it so hard to collect navia's ascension materials? aaH HAHAHA everything is blue underwater it's hard. ok that's done !! i can 81/90 navia now yipee
dec. 28, 2023 - bought christmas gifts from my bf @ the mall !! walked so much my legs/feet hurt aack, went home from stepdad's place. finally can be alone at home for once. watched pride and prejudice w/ genshin friends
dec. 27, 2023 - could barely sleep bc of mosquito biting or maybe my skin is too dry that it's starting to itch? .. step-dad fixed my old phone and i can turn it on now ! (the buttons couldn't be pressed) he also opened my laptop and there was a lot of dust on the fan and we cleaned it :D
dec. 26, 2023 - went to step-dad's place bc my sister wanted to see him and he wanted to see us; and since i've been ignoring him for a while now (for reasons..) i guess it's just... fair to do so (?) it wasn't as bad as i expected and we had a good talk.
dec. 25, 2023 - honestly i just played genshin the entire day pretty much
dec. 24, 2023 - got sad about s.o's joke (it wasnt even serious i'm just way too sensitive) then i decided not to do my plan for christmas which was to cook..; ordered pizza then drank some alcohol lmao. i got over it but still ! holidays are great at making me cry.